Vienna: Far-right radicals attempted to disrupt the performance with actors-refugees

17.04.2016, Vienna.

Members of the far-right youth movement broke into the building of the University of Vienna and attempted to disrupt a play, the main participants of which were refugees, according to the Austrian edition Kurier.

According to the publication, the attackers, of which there were approximately 20 to 30 people, belong to a “Identity Movement” (Mouvance identitaire). They threw leaflets, unfurled banners and flags, sprayed fake blood, stated a police spokesman.

A brawl between members of the movement and the audience erupted in the hall. After the situation calmed down, the refugees decided to continue the play.

According to Reuters, the spokesman for the group said that his movement does not consider itself neo-Nazi, and the participants did not want to attack the actors or the audience. His statement on the social network Facebook states that the supporters of cultural diversity “act with hate for the homeland.”

The incident occurred during the production of the work of Nobel laureate Elfride Jelinek. The play “Proteges” (“Die Schutzbefohlenen”) was written in 2013, in it the writer wanted to emphasize the plight of refugees in Europe.


Source: RIA Novosti

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