New round of Poland’s war against Soviet monuments to fighters against fascism

10.04.2016, Poland.

Russia is revitalizing communism in Poland through the Soviet-era memorials, the secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Poland Artur Dmochowski stated at the meeting of the ambassador of Poland in Moscow Katazhina Pelchinskaja-Nalench with the vice head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Titov, as reported by Russia Today with reference to Gazeta Wyborcza.

Poland maintains and protects 1875 Russian military cemeteries funded through the state budget according to the agreement between Poland and Russia, but this agreement does not cover the symbolic memorials of Soviet era, Artur Dmochowski explained. “We regret that the Russian party considers appropriate the cultivation of communism-era traditions that brought so much suffering and victims to both of our nations,” the press secretary of Poland’s Foreign Affairs Ministry continued.

Lately Russian memorials of Soviet era are regularly demolished in Poland. To the extent that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov named Poland a leader in demolishing of the memorials of Soviet fighters against fascism.



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