Swedish antifascists clash with ultra far-right "Soldiers of Odin" members in several cities

04.04.2016, Sweden.

Ultra far-right group “Soldiers of Odin” had a rough night during their “patrols” in three different cities in Sweden on April 2, Swedish media report.

When “Soldiers of Odin” gathered in Malmo near the Crown Prince skyscraper to patrol the streets, 50 anti-fascists chased them away.

On the same day “Soldiers of Odin” clashed with antifascists in Gothenburg. The clash wasn’t planned, but erupted spontaneously. One member of the organization was hospitalized.

In Uppsala several “Soldiers of Odin” members were patrolling the streets heavily protected by at least half a dozen policemen to prevent the possible attack. Filmed footage shows “Soldiers of Odin” ridiculed by the passersby. Policemen escorting the “Soldiers of Odin” checked IDs of several antifascists.

“Soldiers of Odin” are an ultra far-right group claiming that they patrol the streets to protect people from migrants. It is reported that “Soldiers of Odin” were attacked by Swedish antifascists, not migrants. “Soldiers of Odin” expanded throughout Europe, with cells in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway and other countries. It claims to have 600 members.


Source: Sydsvenskan, Gotesborgs-Posten, Nt.se

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