American hacker made 20 thousand devices print fascist propaganda flyers

30.03.2016, USA.

American hacker Andrew Auernheimer, also known under the nickname ‘Weev’, used a special script to print out fascist flyers on 20 thousands of unprotected printers connected to the Internet. It was reported by Motherboard online magazine.

The flyers, printed out on hacker’s command, called “to join in the struggle for global white supremacy” and had a link to a fascist website. A swastika was depicted on the flyers.

Some of the owners of affected printers started to complain against hacker on social networks, and the representatives of educational institutions whose devices printed out the flyers had requested the FBI to investigate the incident. However, the hacker himself is confident that he did not do anything illegal.

As Auernheimer explained in his blog, he did not have to hack anything. He used a special script to find all Internet-connected printers that had port 9100 open, and then he sent the materials to printing. The hacker had also added that he is satisfied with the result of 20 thousands of printers, even though he expected a greater number of unprotected devices.



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