UK Justice Secretary Accuses EU of Connivance to Terrorism and Fascism

10.03.2016, UK.

The European Union does not make appropriate efforts to confront spread of extremist ideas and terrorism, Michael Gove, the UK Secretary of State for Justice said in his interview to The Sunday Times newspaper on March 6, TASS reports.

Because of the EU, the ultra right-wing parties have the strongest positions on the continent since 1930s“, according to the UK Justice Secretary.

In speaking of strengthening the positions of neo-Nazis in Europe, Gove noted: [For example, the party] “Golden Dawn” in Greek parliament openly adheres to Hitler’s ideology, and this is a direct consequence of what happened to Greece and the common currency.”

The European Union’s judges often made their decisions in contradiction with our interests, by dictating to British spies what they can (or cannot) do“, the Justice Secretary emphasized, by blaming EU of deliberately blocking of British initiatives in the fight against terrorism.

It should be noted that Michael Gove is in favour of withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. The referendum that will determine the fate of UK’s membership in the EU will be held this summer.


Source: TASS

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