Czech President Concerned After Fascists get elected in Slovak Parliament

09.03.2016, Czech Republic.

A sharp increase in the popularity of the right-wing radical party in Slovakia had alarmed Miloš Zeman the head of neighboring Czech Republic. He shared his concern with Slovakian journalists on March 7.

I would not interfere in the internal affairs of Slovakia, but I was struck by the 8% growth of party which I regard as fascist. I assume that mister Kotleba will sue me, but this is going to be just one of the many similar legal actions against me”, Zeman said.

The elections for the Slovakian National Council were held on March 7. The right-wing radical “Our Slovakia” People’s Party had received 8% of votes at the elections. The head of the party Marian Korleba openly express his respect towards fascists who were in power in Slovakia during World War II.

It should be noted that the popularity of radical right-wing parties has significantly increased in Europe due to the migrant crisis. For example, the radical right-wing National Front had received 25% of public support in France, and the populist right-wing UK Independence Party had been supported by 27% of the British electorate.



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