SBU claims it can read your WhatsApp and Viber messages

06.03.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian intelligence agencies receive FBI officers and can read people’s Viber and WhatsApp messages, according to the head of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Artyom Sytnik, Ukrainian media report.

Sytnik told about the recent talk between U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden and President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko. The need to supply the Anti-corruption Bureau with own wiretapping hardware was discussed. However, according to the head of NABU, the Ukrainian Parliament MPs will not approve the empowering of his Bureau.

We are on the tail of too many people,” he added.

According to Sytnik, SBU (Security Service of Ukraine – Editor) is capable of withdrawing information from users’ Viber and WhatsApp.

He also said that the cooperation with American intelligence agencies is being expanded.

It was reported on March 2, 2016 that FBI has handed servers and equipment to the newly created National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. The new Bureau is operating since November 2015 and was created with the help of FBI and the British National Crime Agency.



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