Residents of terrorist-controlled Raqqa revolt against radical Islamists

06.03.2016, Raqqa.

Residents of Syrian Raqqa – the “capital” of the fascist terrorist organization ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) – have revolted against the militants and put out Syrian state flags in several city blocks, Sputnik news agency reports citing witnesses.

According to witnesses, Syrian Arab Republic state flags appeared on buildings in 5 city blocks of Raqqa. After this the residents of two city blocks went to the streets to a massive rally, with slogans in support of the Syrian army, the news agency notes.

After the start of the rally, according to Sputnik news agency, fierce clashes erupted between the protesters and militants. As a result the residents of Raqqa managed to eliminate a large number of ISIL terrorists (ISIL, Organization banned in Russia).

Witnesses told to the agency that large clashes on the streets of the city took place between terrorists themselves on Saturday. Main forces of the militants have blocked the exits from the city to prevent a unit of deserters, a total of 100 people, from escaping.

The self-proclaimed “capital” of ISIL Raqqa (ISIL, Organization banned in Russia) is in the north of Syria, on the bank of Euphrates river. The city was captured by the militants in 2013. After this the Syrian government forces tried to recapture the city, however they failed. One of the Syrian Army divisions near Raqqa was cut off from main government forces. ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) crushed its resistance in 2014, as a result Syrian Army lost control over the whole province.

Today both Syrian government forces and Kurdish militia advance towards Raqqa at the same time. Kurds approach the main city of terrorists in Syria from north-east, while the army advances from the side of Aleppo, developing the Western front of Raqqa province.


Source: RIA Novosti

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