Fascism-XXI at your door. Part 2. HEADING TOWARDS GLOBAL FASCISM

This film is intended for viewers older than 18 years.

First part of the movie: Fascism-XXI at your door. Part 1: THE GENESIS

Dear viewer!
We, authors of this video, are common people as you are. We all differ: by social position, by profession, even by political views. We live in different countries, on different continents.

What has gathered us to voluntary work on this video and the project in the whole? It was the same thing that has led you to this web page, exactly the same thing that encouraged you to start viewing – active and live interest for reality that surrounds us, interest for the near future of our children and us. As R. Kipling wrote, „We be one blood, thou and I”.

That’s because the fact of life having been easier, more joyful and less troubled only 25-30 years back is evident for any curious, observant and thinking man that has not drowned in a furious stream of overconsumption, in rivers of advertisements and in oceans of professionally prepared lies yet. It seemed at the time that stability, relative peace and prosperity reigned on the planet at last…

About 4 years back rapidly growing heap of questions and continuously rising mountain of facts actually made us start the impossible. We passionately wanted to take all that had become clear and evident for us and to share it with you and with all the people of Earth that think about the future for their children and themselves.

Tremendous amount of facts can entangle anyone except a person that sees trends and understands them!

We show you the trends with a help of famous professionals in history, sociology, political science and journalism that agreed to participate in our project as experts. With knowledge and understanding of the trends, you can place incoming facts in their places by yourself.

We wish you a fruitful and interesting viewing!




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You can find the full interviews of all 14 experts who contributed to this documentary on the official website of the documentary.


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