Fascism-XXI at your door. Part 1: THE GENESIS

Text by the authors of the project “Fascism-XXI at your door” http://en.inter-portal.org

If you look closely at European reality today, something that was totally unbelievable just 20 years ago could catch your eye. Something that was previously viewed as a sign of marginality, defectiveness, stupidity, teenage pranks or even as a crime.

Here and there the right hand is raised in Heil salute (is it for a joke?), here and there swastika is painted on the walls in the countries where denazification was conducted; American Marines having pleasure posing for the picture in front of two flags: the US flag and the Nazi SS flag, meanwhile the exhibition “Hitler and the Germans” opens in Berlin, aiming to present Hitler as an ideal example of the national savior; and today in Ukraine, where the president was overthrown, the power fell into the hands of the elite groups who glorify the Nazi criminals of the past and run the country by the Nazi rules at present. The so-called “Bible of Nazism”, “Mein Kampf”,  has been published in Germany for the first time in 70 years.

Back at the end of 2011 we could not think of daring to assume the burden of a network project aiming against the global fascism. However, the spirit of our glorious grandfathers helped us to materialize the ideas into reality. Now we are proud to present to the public our project “Fascism-XXI at your door” and the film as a centerpiece of the project.

This film is intended for viewers older than 18 years.

We, the authors of the movie, are ordinary people, the activists of Russian social movement “Essence of Time”, living in seven different countries. We formed the project team and started work in November 2011. As we went ahead, the work evolved into a global anti-fascist project. We have received help of 14 experts – distinguished scientists, professors and historians from 6 different countries. All of them have voluntarily participated in the project in their free time and received no compensation of any kind.

The reputable experts very often give unpleasant and hard comments, filled with bitter truth. Our film and portal aims to increase public awareness about the issues not very often addressed by the official media.

The interviews of our experts contain a lot of interesting and valuable information. Some interviews last up to 2 hours and longer. Naturally, none of the interviews could have been included in the film in full. The videos of all interviews are available on the portal and there are transcripts for the most interviews in 3 languages – Russian, English and German.

The project is held under the auspices of the movement “Essence of Time”.

You are free to share (redistribute, copy etc.) the film “Fascism-XXI at your door” according to the «Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)» license conditions, See the copyright page.

You are free to share (redistribute, copy, cite etc.) materials of the Interportal “Fascism-XXI at your door” (except for the film, redistributed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license conditions, See above) according to the «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)» license conditions, See the copyright page.

We would be very grateful to you for your messages to the contact e-mail about redistribution of the film and/or materials of the Interportal “Fascism-XXI at your door». Received information will be collected anonymously solely for the purposes of statistics on dissemination of the project “Fascism-XXI at your door”.

We hope that our project is going to grow and the portal will keep getting new materials shedding the light on the danger of modern global fascism with its ancient pagan gnostic life loathing roots.

We also hope to put a small contribution into the victory in the ultimate battle “against the dark fascist force, against their cursed hordes” .

See both parts of the movie and the interviews with the experts on the official “Fascism-XXI at your door” website.

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