A brief history of the “Essence of Time” combat unit in Donbass


From the very beginning of the armed conflict in Donbass the “Essence of Time” unit formed by the activists of a Communist movement of the same name has been engaged (as a part of the Donetsk People’s Republic armed forces) in the battle against fascism.

Since the foundation of the “Essence of Time” movement in 2011, its activists have been actively engaged in political activities in Russia and other countries, including Europe. One of the important parts of those activities has been information campaign for the historical dignity and faithfulness of the USSR. Accepting that there were certain mistakes in “Soviet Project” (otherwise it would have existed until today), the activists of “Essence of Time” proved with use of various analyses and publications of different philosophers, researchers, economists, historians and politicians from all over the world that Soviet Union helped our world to became fairer and better and that one of the greatest merit of USSR was its huge (i.e. major) contribution in the fight and victory over Nazi Germany. The activists of the movement have been defending the memory of people, who fought on the fields of the World War II (known in Russia as Great Patriotic War) against Nazism. And when in 2014 a coup d’état took place in Kiev, the members of “Essence of Time” from all over Ukraine joined the struggle against the Bandera followers, who had seized power in the Ukraine.

When the Kiev junta, having repeatedly violated the Constitution of Ukraine, attacked the civilians of Donbass with “Grad” multiple-launch rocket systems and other heavy artillery, the Ukrainian activists of “Essence of Time” movement took up arms to defend the civilian population. That was how the Essence of time combat unit, which later became an independent task force, was formed.

The “Essence of Time” independent task force took part in the defense of Donetsk first as a part of the “Vostok” battalion, then as a part of the “Vostok” brigade. The unit’s commander Volga was the Deputy commander of the third battalion of the Vostok brigade.

It was the battle for the “Monastery” position on January 17, 2015 that became widely known. Ten members of the “Essence of Time” unit stopped and defeated an assault company of the National Guard of Ukraine that was a part of the striking force storming the airport of Donetsk during the announced “Day of Ceasefire”. The airport was just recently completely liberated by the DPR militia.

Volunteers from various countries, from Ukraine, Russia, Columbia, the USA, fight in the combat unit.

Besides the task force the “Essence of Time” mission in Donbass includes EoT Information Center and its humanitarian wing. The InfoCenter has been continuously covering the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic: Youtube channel EoT-DPR.

The humanitarian wing of the mission works in close cooperation with the All-Russia Parents’ Resistance movement activists, analyzing the condition of schools, kindergartens, and healthcare facilities of Donetsk People’s Republic, delivers the humanitarian cargo collected specifically for these institutions and people in Russia and brought to Donetsk: Children of Russia for Children of Donbass

Since June 7, 2015 to date the Essence of Time unit has been a part of the Independent special forces “Khan” battalion.


From the date the Essence of Time mission was formed on July 17, 2014, it has been working in three main areas: humanitarian aid, informational work and creating a combat unit from the Ukrainian members of the “Essence of Time” movement, taking part in defense of Donetsk.

From day one all three areas of activity were closely linked first to the “Vostok” battalion and then to the “Vostok” brigade.

Members of the “Essence of Time” mission always considered it an honor to serve Donbass under the banner of “Vostok”.

On June 7 a new stage in the life of the mission officially begins: all three constituent parts of the “Essence of Time” mission in Donbass join the Independent special forces “Khan” battalion.

The mission is expanding.

Volga, the commander of the “Essence of Time” combat unit, June 6, 2015

From the moment the EoT mission in Donbass was established, the political movement “Essence of Time” has been providing it with a solid backup. The aid was coming from all over Russia. They sent combat outfit, footwear, equipment, communication gear, scopes, etc. to Donbass. Things you can easily buy in a shop in Russia, but the things the Donbass defendants sorely lacked.

This work is ongoing, and the situation in Donbass is remains extremely serious. The economy is all but ruined by the war. The hostilities don’t come to an end and our soldiers keep constantly risking their lives on the frontlines. That is why we still need combat outfits, scopes, equipment, first aid kits, and medical supplies.

How to help the unit

We ask all concerned citizens not to remain indifferent. Here is how you can make a donation:

Send money with Western Union to:
Gennadiy Borzilov, Rostov on Don, Russia.

The funds raised are spent to buy everything necessary. Reports on receiving the help are published on the unit’s vk page: http://vk.com/svdonbass

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