Armored vehicles spotted in Kiev junta-occupied villages in buffer zone

07.01.2016, Donbass.

Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin: “Two platoons of camouflaged armored vehicles were spotted in Pushevik village area: three light multi-purpose armored towing vehicles, four infantry fighting vehicles, eight self-propelled artillery guns; three self-propelled artillery guns, five tanks and eight infantry fighting vehicles were discovered in Pavlopol village area on camouflaged positions and in hangars.

The villages mentioned above are in the buffer zone and were occupied by Kiev junta’s militants last month.

Ukrainian military hardware was spotted in Novobakhmutovka and Fyodorovka villages on occupied parts of Yasinovataya and Artyomovsky districts correspondingly.

Up to seven self-propelled guns in Novobakhmutovka village (10 km away from the contact line); up to 20 units of armored vehicles in Fyodorovka village (10 km away from the contact line),” Basurin said.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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