"Right Sector" prevented Ukrainian protest against blockade of Crimea


Extremists from Neo-Nazi “Right Sector” organization and the Majlis prevented the rally in Genichesk, Kherson region of Ukraine, organized by the local residents who protest against the blockade of goods supply to Crimea. The rally was scheduled to 11:00 Moscow time near the customs checkpoint “Chongar.”

Up to 500 people were supposed to take part in the rally. “Currently, the cars of protesters are being blocked in yards, “Right Sector” members do not allow people to leave the streets, threaten them”, the former head of the Genichesk town administration, the head of the NGO “Qırım Birligi” Seytumer Nimetullaev told RIA Novosti (Crimea).


Source: RIA Novosti

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