Mass protests continue in Kiev

23.10.2015, Kiev.

“Radical party” representatives and their supporters are protesting near the Cabinet of Ministers building in Kiev for three days now. Some of the protesters, the supporters of the “Party of ordinary people”, have marched some 350km to Kiev from Poltava by foot. They protest against yet another rise of tariffs for Ukrainian citizens.

The current protest, called the “Tariff maydan”, is highly organized: the tent camp of the protesters, in accordance with the weather conditions, includes warm military tents for up to 25 people each, is equipped with a field kitchen; the supply of food products, firewood and warm clothes is organized.

The number of the participants of “Tariff maydan” is approximately a thousand and it is growing. Some slogans mention that the most legitimate authority is the “Radical party”.

The attributes of former “maydans” are present – fresh glossy propaganda products and iron barrels (used instead of heating by the protesters).


Source: TASS

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