Boeing MH17 – Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) investigation in Donbass

The final report about MH17 flight crash has been released today in Netherlands. Nevertheless a year has passed since catastrophe the official investigation didn’t shed light upon that case. Therefore “Texas” (Russell Bonner Bentley) decided to make own investigation.

As long as the plane suffered a high-altitude burst, its pieces covered the area of 20 square km. We investigated crash sites in Grabovo and Rassipnoe villages, talked to the witnesses. We had many our questions answered, and it helped us to rebuild more clearly the picture of what happened. A great number of questions still remains unanswered. Perhaps we will get other answers after the report of Dutch Safety Board will be released.

We can only wait for truly answers from the persons, guilty of 298 passengers deaths. It will only happen during the tribunal that will take place after our victory.

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