Right-wing shift – “New Europe?”

Refugee crisis in Europe is being used against Europe

The leader of “Essence of Time” movement Sergei Kurginyan has stated regarding the worsening situation in Europe due to the migrant crisis that the major process of refugee influx to Europe is not spontaneous.

Sergei Kurginyan, political analyst, leader of “Essence of Time” movement

Someone benefits from this process and this process changes the conditions in the world a lot. Which means that those who benefit from it, can’t they be assisting this process to happen? They can not only use it, they can, in some sense, affect it.

According to Kurginyan, “PEGIDA” movement is already a struggle for Christian identity. The European processes will now shift to the “right” and the ultra far-right parties “will go to even greater extremes”:

Even the moderate right-wing will move in the same direction. Marine Le Pen wins up to 40% of votes in certain districts of France. Austrian right-wing parties get 30%. It means that the process is shifting somewhere. What if this process is organized including by those who will benefit from this shift? Those are very different powers.

The refugee crisis is, of course, chaotic, because it is a misfortune, grief, this is how it begins. Then someone starts to take advantage of this grief, this misfortune; everyone to their own advantage.

Values started to collapse when Europe became globalized

Sergei Kurinyan has stated that ever since Europe engaged in multiculturalism, cultural values started to collapse.

During the discussion regarding the migrant crisis in Europe on Russian “Channel One” he explained that the British police and intelligence agencies of the world have pointed out multiple times to the people behind the process of controlling Syrian refugees.

Migrants arrive to Dobova, Slovenia
Migrants arrive to Dobova, Slovenia

The point is that ever since Europe, and not Europe alone, engaged in multiculturalism – and multiculturalism means that there is no European axis of values, everything is equivalent. The collapse started several years after that. Then the leaders of European countries stated that this multiculturalism needs to be cancelled. But what do you want to replace it with, with the melting pot? Because it is absolutely clear that what an organism can take depends on how strong it is itself. And if we [Europe – editor] want to avoid this disease, the whole question is to have an identity strong enough to digest that other and build it in a proper fashion.

According to him, as soon as the national spiritual system of values gets weaker, the foreign force begins to devour it with a certain degree of disgust.

Then all of this European forcemeat will actually be devoured.

Which is why, according to the leader of “Essence of Time”, we need to understand how deadly this “massage” is, we need to understand how much people need identity.

Sergei Kurginyan reminded:

Once, in regard of another country and another epoch, I had introduced the concept of “Weimarization”, referring to the Weimar Republic. Its predeterminedly powerless liberalism was bound to turn into its opposite extreme. It turned into Nazism.

According to Kurginyan, when the multicultural model gets adopted, when the main axis of values doesn’t exist, when a united world doesn’t exist, “sooner or later such a model leads to a formation of lots of forcemeat, ‘yum-yum society’, sheep.” This way, these sheep can be “slaughtered” by a single wolf.

This phenomenon, Kurginyan said, exists in the right-wing narrative in general and in the Swiss right-wing party which won the elections a week ago.

Political analysts: Russia managed to accommodate 1,5 million refugees, same number that is destroying Europe today

Why is the right-wing narrative is so popular in Europe today?

As REGNUM IA reported earlier, conservative right-wing Swiss People’s Party won the Parliamentary elections on October 18, winning 65 out of 200 seats.

“Kommersant FM” journalist Konstantin Eggert reminded that this was the party that initiated the referendum which concerned the ban on building minarets for local mosques in 2014. He also noted that such narrative really is popular in the EU.

It is clear that what they are talking about is that Europeans, residents of the European Union and neighboring countries (Switzerland is not a member of the EU) … want to preserve their welfare state, their privileges. I think this will not be possible in the long term. I think Europe will be different 15-20 years from now. Much more market-oriented, much more free, much less regulated. I hope this will happen, because this is what will help to integrate the migrants most optimally.

Andrey Isaev, the Deputy Head of the “United Russia” Parliamentary group: “This migrant crisis made everything that the heads of Europeans were stuffed with for the last several years collapse. All of these stories that the European Union is a great integrated structure have completely collapsed. The countries are acting very egoistically. Every one of them is fighting for itself.

He also noted that the European idea collapsed and now we can see the absolute ineffectiveness of European bureaucracy which couldn’t handle and solve the problem of refugee influx.

Refugee camp in Rostov region, Russia. Source: vk.com/russian_war_history
Refugee camp in Rostov region, Russia. Source: vk.com/russian_war_history

A year ago – a year ago! – one and a half million refugees from Eastern Ukraine have entered Russia. There was no help from the European Union. None at all! And this problem was simply “dropped” [by the EU – editor]. And Russia handled it. People didn’t die, there was no hunger, nobody was freezing. By September 1 everyone was moved from tent camps to stationary camps.

Aleksey Pushkov (“United Russia” party), the Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament, had claimed that drastic changes await Europe due to the influx of migrants. He wrote on Twitter:

Europe is shifting. Merkel’s popularity is dropping, even her party doesn’t support her approach to the migrant crisis. Right-wing party wins the elections in Switzerland. New Europe?


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