“Right Sector” continues to take over Orthodox temples

29.09.2015, Ternopol region.

On Monday, September 28, “Right Sector” militants, together with “Kiev Patriarchate” schismatics, have attempted to take over a local temple in Kolosovo village, Ternopol region of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (UOC MP) public affairs office.

Kolosovo village residents have witnessed six “Right Sector” cars with young men accompanying four “Kiev Patriarchate” priests stop by the local John the Apostle church. Approximately 30 militants have followed the schismatics to the temple yard. When Kolosovo residents asked about the goal of their “visit” they heard cursing and pledging to take the temple away from them in a week.

Locals have called the police, however, the patrol took a while to arrive. One of the congregation members tried to film the events on her phone, but a militant destroyed both her phone and SIM card.

There have been many cases of Orthodox temples being captured and congregation members and priests being beaten by punitive battalion members, according to UOC MP representatives. One priest and one nun were murdered. Kiev authorities do not react to these cases.


Source: RIA Novosti

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