Russian Orthodox Church is alarmed by the murders of the clergy in Kiev

29.07.2015 18:18 Moscow

The murders of two Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (UOC MP) clergy members in the past several days, against the backdrop of an anti-UOC MP campaign in some Ukrainian mass media is alarming, the Deputy chair of the External Church Affairs of Moscow Patriarchate, archpriest Nikolay Balashov, said to RIA Novosti, commenting on the murder of Florovsky monastary nun Alevtina.


This news evokes deep sorrow and worry for the fate of the clergy and monks of the Ukrainian Orthodox church. Today we received the news regarding the death of priest Roman Nikolaev in the hospital, who also fell victim of criminals who acted on circumstances that are not really clear. Considering the fact that this is happening against the backdrop of a slanderous campaign in some Ukrainian mass media targeting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, such facts are especially alarming.

Nun Alevtina was found “dead with signs of assault in Kiev”, the Synodic Informational department of Moscow Patriarchate informed on Wednesday. Its Chair Vladimir Legoyda expressed condolences to the sisters of the Svyato-Voznesensky Florovsky nunnery, which is situated in central Kiev, and to the relatives of the murdered nun.

According to Legoyda:

Those who committed this terrible atrocity have put themselves outside of the Ukrainian people which since the old days has honored those standing before God.

The Head of the UOC MP press service Vasily Anisimov told RIA Novosti:

Nun Alevtina was a 62-year old teacher who took the monastic vows not so long ago. As we found out, she was supposed to go to the hospital, asked her nephew to drive her there, but went to her apartment before visiting to the doctors. That is where her nephew found her dead.

According to Vasily Anisimov, the church doesn’t know yet if the criminal case is initiated.


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Source: RIA Novosti

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