Donetsk eparchy compares “Right Sector” to persecutors of Christ

24.09.2015, Donetsk.

Extremist “Right Sector” gangs seizing Orthodox temples act like the persecutors of Jesus Christ, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) Donetsk eparchy public affairs office protoiereus Georgy Gulyaev commented on the yesterday’s incident in Ternopol region of Ukraine.

Strange things happen – they (“Right Sector” militants) are prepared to beat other people in order to later pray to God who himself was beaten and humiliated. People act like the persecutors of Christ instead of keeping the commandments. Instead of directing their energy on creation and development, they perverse it to such an extent that prefer to destroy and force certain opinions upon others, descend into violence.

Gulyaev reminded that “Locking in on a national idea is heresy. First and foremost a person must be Christian and keep the commandments, and only then Russian, Ukrainian, Pole, and so on. This is what must unite people of all nationalities.

On September 21, the day of Nativity of the Theotokos (Birth of Mary, Mother of God) celebration, members of the extremist Ukrainian organization “Right Sector” have seized the Moscow Patriarchate temple of St. George in Ternopol region (Western Ukraine). Ultra-radicals have beaten the congregation members with batons, 15 people were injured, one of the victims was hospitalized.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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