39th humanitarian convoy from Russia unloads shipment in Donetsk

24.09.2015, Donetsk.

39th humanitarian convoy from Russia has arrived to Donetsk today, on September 24, 2015, according to the head of the Reconstruction Management Center (RMC) Vladislav Tomashevsky. It delivered over 500 tons of food and medical supplies.

42 trucks have arrived, over 500 tons of humanitarian aid was delivered, including canned food products, as well as medical supplies for DPR Health Ministry and Republican Sanitary and Epidemiological Service Laboratory center.

According to Tomashevsky, the trucks have proceeding to warehouses in Donetsk after arriving to Makeevka. The humanitarian cargo is currently being offloaded. “Canned food products are being offloaded in one place, medical supplies in other,” the head of RMC said.

A humanitarian convoy of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has delivered approximately 750 tons of humanitarian aid on September 17, including textbooks for schools, building materials and food supplies. The Russian Federation has delivered a total of over 46 thousand tons of various humanitarian cargoes to DPR and LPR since August 2014.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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