“Right Sector” Nazis capture a temple for Ukrainian schismatics

22.09.2015, Katerinovka.

Ukrainian “Right Sector” and National Guard Nazis have started a large fight in Katerinovka village, Kremenetsky region of Teropolskaya oblast of Ukraine for the church of St. George, according to the hegumen of Saint John Zagaetsky monastery (Moscow Patriarchate) Geronty, Ukrainian media report.

According to hegumen Geronty, the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of “Kiev Patriarchate”, assisted by “Right Sector” and “Ternopol” battalion, decided to take the temple by force on Monday, September 21.

Three buses with “Right Sector” members have arrived in the afternoon, they have surrounded the church perimeter, smashed the window and got inside. After they prayed we asked them to let us inside the temple. They refused. Then the “Ternopol” battalion arrived, we still weren’t allowed to enter, after which a fight started.

The congregation and the priests of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) (UOC MP), according to hegumen Geronty, were forced back by clubs and tear gas. Over ten people were injured: they suffered traumatic brain injuries and fractured limbs.

At the same, time the police was on their side and refused to receive written complaints and register the injuries,” the hegumen added.

The “Kiev Patriarchate” schismatics have accused the representatives of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate of initiating the conflict. According to them, 200 congregants of UOC MP have stormed the village temple which was guarded by the National Guard after an argument.


This is not the first instance of violence against the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Earlier extremists have taken a number of temples by force, murdered Orthodox priests and destroyed temples by artillery shelling. At the same time, neo-pagan religion “RUN-Vira” (“Native Ukrainian National Faith”) gets promoted in Ukraine for a number of years, aiming to replace Christianity.


Source: Korrespondent.net

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