Kiev journalist urges for a dialogue with Donbass mass media

Kiev journalist Andrei Kulikov disregarded the threat of social condemnation and told about his trip to Donetsk on Ukrainian TV.

PolitNavigator” quoted Kulikov: “I saw people who are just strolling about the streets. People were standing on bus stops. Kulikov emphasized that he advocates for lifting the ban on reporting from Donetsk People’s Republic and for airing the interviews with the leaders of DNR on Ukrainian channels.

He also noted that journalists working in DPR should be able to come to Kiev to do their reports about the life on the “other side of the front-line“. According to Kulikov, he will try negotiate the safety guarantees for Donetsk TV crews in Kiev.

Kulikov has also said, according toOdessa Daily”, that people in Donetsk are happy that the shelling of their city has stopped. I saw people who want a peaceful life, people who are happy that they did not hear shelling in Donetsk for a few days or weeks.

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