Neo-Nazi and foreign mercenary provocations might be masking the preparations for a coup in Kiev

12.09.2015, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s republic Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin has stated on September 12 that DPR military intelligence registers new facts of redeployment of foreign mercenaries and punitive forces, members of a number of neo-Nazi organizations, at the front-line.

According to the Deputy Defense Minister “this might point to the preparation of major provocations aimed at destabilizing the situation in conflict zone in Donbass.” He also pointed out that most likely “the provocations will be timed to distract the attention of the Ukrainian government from the preparation of a coup in Kiev by radical nationalist groups with the support of external Western political powers.

The intelligence reports that a rotation of Neo-Nazis divisions was conducted in Krasnogorovka, east of Donetsk. The personnel of the punitive “Kiev-1” battalion was replaced with “Azov” battalion and “Right sector” organization militants. Up to 250 military personnel were transported to Mariupol, including 50 mercenaries from Poland, Baltic states and USA.

We already observe the facts of individual attempts of overthrowing the local authorities in Donbass by ‘Right Sector’ militants,” Basurin added.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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