Expert: Moldova dreams about NATO

28.09.2021, Chișinău.

Moldova has been seeking to enter the EU and NATO for a long time, Russian military expert Aleksandr Khrolenko said on September 27, Sputnik Moldavia reports.

“As for a course of the Moldovan army to NATO, it is beyond any doubt. It was announced several decades ago. Kishinev is quite persistent in its effort to enter this organization as well as the EU,” Khrolenko said.

Moldova signed agreements with NATO to participate in joint exercises and maneuvers with NATO. Also, there is a treaty according to which NATO will train the Moldovan military, the expert reported.

The $5 billion aid the US gave Moldova is very small. This will not help Moldova re-arm or strengthen its army, Khrolenko said.

On September 27, a US Air Force transport aircraft landed in Moldova, which delivered $5 million worth military cargo for the Moldovan army. The Moldovan Defense Ministry does not reveal the nature of the cargo.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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