Doctor: In France, the authorities have turned medical personnel into bureaucrats

15.09.2021, Paris.

An ambulance doctor and medical observer Gérald Kierzek presented his notes on vaccination against COVID-19 and the state policy on medical staff in France, the French newspaper Le Figaro informed on September 14.

The main point for him and the French turned out to be that vaccination was not an absolute guarantee against infection and did not eliminate the possibility of its spread to the vaccinated.

Numerous studies have shown that natural immunity after infection is strong and participates in individual and collective defense against viruses, as Kierzek noted. With COVID-19, it seems that everyone has forgotten basic principles of medicine and immunology!

The requirement of mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 as of September 15 for certain professions, including social workers in nursing homes, firefighters and medical personnel, was coupled with penalties in case of refusal. And this was proposed, as the columnist noted, for high-risk and patient-contact professions.

To him, caregivers are responsible and devoted people, and refusing to vaccinate is not, in his opinion, a criminal act! In fact, the vaccine does not prevent vaccinated persons from contracting and spreading coronavirus infection; it does not obviate the need for sanitary measures applied daily, long before COVID-19 was available.

Administrative methods of influencing those who refuse vaccination have led to the annihilation of the concept of medical privacy. And already now we can truly talk about abuse and harassment by government agencies. All this has led to a vicious cycle of dismissals, layoffs, and consequent staff shortages, hurting all French people and exacerbating, in fact, the health crisis caused by the authorities.

The world after all this will be worse than it was before if nothing is done to change priorities, as the columnist noted. Back in March 2019, advocates for public hospitals demanded a $4 billion increase in the National Health Insurance Spending Target. The French government’s response was to say there was no money.

The state’s increasing intrusion into the health care system, in Kierzek ‘s view, has turned doctors into bureaucrats. And the French want to be cared for in hospitals.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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