Russian Defense Ministry expert believes coronavirus is project of global corporations

17.12.2020, Moscow.

Unbalancing the economy and healthcare systems in national states is the key purpose of the “covid” project, which has successfully achieved it, Advisor to Defense Minister of Russia Andrey Ilnitsky said on December 15 at an online conference on the Council of Federation.

According to Ilnitsky, Western trans-national corporations consider coronavirus as their own project. The goal is a major interference with states across the globe and total transformation of people’s lives through strict anti-coronavirus restrictions.

Ilnitsky reminded the combat formula of a virus in biological warfare. The key parameter of a virus used in a biological attack is virulence, i.e. its ability to infect the human body.

“It [a combat virus ― Rossa Primavera News Agency] must unbalance enemy’s healthcare systems. After that, killer viruses are usually launched,” the advisor to the defense minister of the Russian Federation explained.

The expert pointed out the threat from the trans-national corporations towards independent states. Ilnitsky called the Duma members and senators of the Council of Federation to reject any bills that could pose even a potential threat to Russia’s national security.

The online conference in the Council of Federation was titled “On Foreign Attempts to Use the Post-Soviet Territories to Destabilize the Russian Political System.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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