French specialist on infectious diseases: Nothing justifies hurry with mass vaccination

08.12.2020, Paris.

Professor Christian Perronne, head of the infectious diseases department of the Raymond Poincaré University Hospital in Garches, sharply criticized vaccination campaign launched in France in an interview with Sud Radio on December 2.

Answering the host’s question whether coronavirus vaccination is necessary, Professor Perronne said that COVID-19 mortality has now dropped to 0.05%. “I have never seen in the history of medicine that a vaccine is urgently being developed to vaccinate millions, billions of people, against a virus that is only lethal for a certain category of patients. And this type of patient can be identified and treated,” the specialist said, explaining that “it’s not like that one is being vaccinated” against every virus that causes, for example, runny nose.

“If we consider the influenza virus, against which a vaccine exists,” the professor continued, “this vaccine helps well young people, with good health. And it often doesn’t help well older people, whom it should help first and foremost.”

Christian Perronne cited Swiss specialist on infectious diseases Claire-Anne Siegrist, who has been described by Perronne as “one of the world’s most outstanding specialists in vaccinology.” According to Claire-Anne Siegrist, “the decision regarding the vaccination was made too quickly” and she has never seen the vaccine “pop out of a hat” in two months. After all, “even the most leading specialists on vaccinology” claim that it takes years.

Professor Perronne pointed to the problem with clinical trials of the proposed vaccines. “All this has been tested ‘as soon as possible,’ <> we have never seen the results” of clinical trials and their analysis, this “has not been published. Only the government agency that made the decision to admit the vaccine could see these results.”

As Perronne said, even if Pfizer tested the vaccine on 30,000 volunteers, “we don’t have any data about them,” but only press communiqués, i.e. announcements. And even if 30,000 people have already been vaccinated, the subsequent vaccination of one million people will have side effects that were not detected in these 30,000 volunteers.

The specialist on infectious diseases emphasized that he “has never been an opponent of vaccination when the vaccines were made under good conditions.<…> I was an ardent advocate of vaccines.”

Professor Christian Perronne was one of the main advisers to the French authorities in the field of health for 15 years, remaining in demand in various government offices. He was chairman of the French technical committee on vaccines and vice-president of the WHO committee of experts for the whole WHO “large area” including Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

It should also be noted that Professor Perronne is one of the active authors of the REINFOCOVID internet platform (“re-inform about COVID-19”). This platform brings together hundreds of French physicians, as well as specialists in statistics and mathematical modeling. REINFOCOVID’s mission is to bring a different perspective on the pandemic than that offered by the official media and the French government.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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