Serbian theologian: Constantinople is trying to reform Orthodoxy

27.11.2020, Belgrade.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople is implementing a project aimed at creating a new way of thinking in the Orthodox Church, similarly to the Roman Catholic papacy, said the theologian, the author of “Rus. Russian-Ukrainian church question. Church history. Identity. Theology”, Serbian Archpriest Darko Djogo on November 25 on the air of the First Kozatsky.

According to the Serbian theologian, changes in the way of the thinking at the Patriarchate of Constantinople lead to the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine, where he wanted to “create not only a new entity, but a new way of thinking in world Orthodoxy, similarly to the Roman Catholic papacy: where everything is decided privately, by one person, one authority.”

Darko Djogo calls for an understanding of what happened in Ukraine under the influence of Phanar (the place of Residence for the Patriarch of Constantinople in Istanbul, Turkey) and Patriarch Bartholomew is not an accident, it is a “project aimed at creating a new identity for the Orthodoxy.”

According to the theologian, Patriarch Bartholomew always presented church relations to the Greek bishops in such a way that it was allegedly “a conspiracy between Russians, Serbs, and Bulgarians – the Slavic world against the Greek.”

There are arguments that there is a “first level” in Orthodoxy – those are the Greek churches: Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, and there is supposedly a “second class” in Orthodoxy – Slavic Orthodoxy, Georgian and the rest,” explained the position of the Patriarch of Constantinople Darko Djogo.

Patriarch Bartholomew’s approach currently promoted in Orthodoxy is a form of Orthodox papacy, and it will find supporters in the Greek Orthodox world, believes the theologian. At the same time, he is confident that “people in the Greek churches see that this is not as a matter of Slavic Orthodoxy, or a matter of Greek Orthodoxy, but this is a matter of reforming the Orthodox church.”

Djogo noted that the new reform of Orthodoxy promoted by Bartholomew is an approach where “the fact is not what is observed, but exactly what he says it is.” As an example, Patriarch Bartholomew said one thing about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church a few years ago, but today he says something completely different, recalls the theologian.

They [the Patriarchate of Constantinople – editorial note] demonstratively force local churches, for example, Orthodox Church of Alexandria, which is famous for its support for Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev, to change their position so that everyone can see that it is normal when the bishop says one thing today, and another thing on the different day on the same issue. If the bishops treat their statements in such a way, then what can be expected from an ordinary person, ” stated the theologian.

At the same time, he is confident that world Orthodoxy “will overcome this affliction, like all the heresies and schisms before.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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