Zelensky compares Ukraine to medieval Europe

21.02.2020, Kiev.

Events that took place in Novy Sanzhary have shown that Ukraine resembles Europe in the Middle Ages, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on February 21 during his speech in Kiev.

“We often say that Ukraine is Europe. So, yesterday in some episodes it seemed that we were Europe from the Middle Ages,” said Ukrainian leader.

On the night of February 21, local residents protested against the placement of 45 Ukrainian citizens and 27 foreigners in a local sanatorium in the village of Novy Sanzhary in the Poltava region of Ukraine.

As a result of the confrontation with the police, 9 law enforcement officers and one civilian sought medical assistance.


45 Ukrainian citizens and 27 foreigners were evacuated to Ukraine from the Wuhan in China, which is ravaged by the coronavirus epidemic. They were sent for medical supervision to the Novyye Sanzhary medical center in the town of the same name in the Poltava region of Ukraine for two weeks.

Local residents went out to try to prevent the evacuees from being accommodated in their town. The protests resulted in clashes with the police.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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