Ukrainian expert calls for building missiles to strike Russian nuclear power plants

04.11.2019, Kiev.

Ukraine should build missiles with a range of 2,500 kilometers, which would allow to cause damage for Russia, said Ukrainian political and economic expert Taras Zagorodnyi during a chat on the Ukrainian analytical internet publication Glavred on November 1.

It would almost be a nuclear weapon: if one such missile hits a Russian nuclear power plant, there would be a nuclear explosion”, Zagorodnyi said.

The expert added that the Ukrainian authorities should follow Israel’s example, which “asks no one what to do; it follows its national interests in foreign policy and defense”.

Ukrainian officials have previously made calls for the development of missiles capable of hitting remote targets in Russia. For example, in September 2019, a member of the Kiev City Council from the “Svoboda” party, Yuriy Sirotyuk, called for the installation of a warhead filled with “stones and dynamite” on a space rocket that “could reach Moscow”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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