Kurds withdraw more than 30 km away from Syrian-Turkish border

26.10.2019, Damascus.

The fighters of the Arabic-Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) withdrew 32 km from the Syrian-Turkish border, the spokesperson of the SDF Mustafa Bali confirmed in his comment to RIA Novosti.

The withdrawal took place under a memorandum signed after the negotiations between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 22 in Sochi.

“We withdrew from the Tallet Abyad area to Ras al-Ayn,” Bali said. He also confirmed, after a clarifying question, that the SDF withdrew 32 km from the border.

On October 22, Turkey and Russia signed a 10-point memorandum of understanding, which outlines, in particular, the deployment of Russian military police and Syrian border guards to the Syrian side of the border with Turkey to facilitate the withdrawal of the Kurdish units and their weapons beyond a 30-km security zone along the Turkish-Syrian border. The withdrawal must be completed within 150 hours starting from October 23.

The Russian military police is responsible for patrolling and law enforcement at the Syrian-Turkish border. On October 24, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry reported that 276 military policemen and 33 units of military equipment will be additionally deployed to Syria in order to implement the Russian-Turkish agreements.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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