Ukrainian nationalists deliver ultimatum to Zelensky

16.10.2019, Kiev.

Ukrainian nationalists delivered an ultimatum to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, demanding that Ukraine legislatively reject the Steinmeier Formula, which implies the withdrawal of the military off the contact line in Donbass, according to a report by the leader of the Ukrainian “National Corps” (organization banned in Russia) Andrey Biletsky on his Telegram channel on October 15.

The ex-commander of the Azov Ukrainian nationalist battalion (organization banned in Russia) expressed these demands to Zelensky on behalf of the Ukrainian Anti-Capitulation Movement, warning that if the Ukrainian authorities fail to fulfill these demands in 10 days, the Ukrainian nationalists’ protests will proceed into the radical phase.

“We will find ways for a nation-wide civil resistance, and we will make the authorities do what the nation wants and demands,” Biletsky wrote in his post.

As it was reported before, a Ukrainian nationalist protest march took place on October 14 in Kiev against the Steinmeier Formula, which the Ukrainian president accepted. The march gathered about 132 thousand participants.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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