UN: Millions leave Venezuela over past four years

08.06.2019, Washington.

4 million refugees have left the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during the economic and political crisis according to a report by the UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration dated June 7.

According to the Agency’s statistics, approximately 3.4 million people have left the country since 2015, including about a million over the past half-year.

The largest refugee burden, according to the Refugee Agency, rests on Latin American countries. The largest refugee flow, about 1.3 million, goes to the western neighbor, Colombia. About 800 thousand people have crossed the border with Peru. Almost 290 thousand have settled in Chile and another 263 thousand in Ecuador. Brazil and Argentina have become an asylum to 200 thousand people each.

The economic situation in Venezuela, exacerbated by sanctions and the US attempts to force the legitimately elected President Nicolás Maduro to cede power to the US’ protégé, the Chairman of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó, has been rapidly deteriorating.

Russia is providing comprehensive support to the Bolivarian Republic by supplying humanitarian goods and providing maintenance of Russian-made weapons according to the contractual obligations between the two countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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