Ukrainian national convicted for espionage in Crimea

06.06.2019, Simferopol.

The Supreme Court of Crimea convicted a Ukrainian national, Konstantin Davydenko, for spying on behalf of Ukraine, on June 6, the press service of the Federal Security Service (Russian: FSB) reports.

According to the Court, Davydenko received information about military technical innovations (communication devices, electronics, and night vision devices) on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. The convict planned to deliver the obtained information to the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian citizen admitted his guilt and was sentenced to over 10 years in a maximum security prison.

Davydenko was arrested in February 2018 and detained in the Lefortovo detention center. A major goal of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence is to obtain information about Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

After Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014, the Ukrainian radicals, under the passive eye of the official authorities, have been carried out provocations at the border aiming to undermine the living conditions of the Crimean Peninsula population. The Russian authorities have repeatedly prevented subversive acts and espionage attempted by the Ukrainian security services. At least 15 Ukrainian spies and saboteurs have been exposed over the last five years.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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