Dialogue between Venezuelan authorities and opposition to take place in Norway

16.05.2019, Caracas.

A dialogue between the Venezuelan authorities and the opposition to search for compromise solutions for the political crisis will take place in Norway, Reuters reported on May 16.

The government delegation is led by the Minister for Communication and Information of Venezuela Jorge Rodríguez.

 “A process of searching for rapprochement is taking place, and an attempt to establish dialogue is being made with Norway’s assistance, but for now the mediators are only holding meetings with the sides,” agency’s source said.

On May 15, the legitimately elected President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro said that Rodríguez was “overseas, on a very important mission.” Maduro said this in his address broadcasted through Twitter.

About one month ago, mediators from Norway visited Venezuela, and they offered their help in organizing consultations and dialogue between the government forces and the opposition. According to experts and political scientists, the Venezuelan representative body, which has lost its legitimacy, and its leader Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself as the president of the country, receive open support from the USA, acting in its interests. The Russian authorities have called Guaidó’s “presidential status” non-existent.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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