American Conservative: Democracy is in crisis because of the USA

12.12.2018, Washington.

The international community can question the authority of the United States because of its continued internal political discord, American writer Patrick Buchanan wrote in his article in The American Conservative of December 11.

 “What will a watching world be thinking when it sees the once-great republic preoccupied with breaking yet another president?” the author wrote. “Does the world still envy us our free press, which it sees tirelessly digging up dirt on political figures?”

The writer believes that a reason why democracy is being discredited worldwide is that the US resembles France’s Third Republic in its final days before World War II.

Buchanan notes that democracy has ceased to be the only way to create prosperous and powerful nation states. China has demonstrated that a one-party system can develop a strong state.

He also recalls the example of Russia, which survived the disintegration of its state, and now it is beginning to recover and demand respect from the international community.

The author notes that the world has started to reject globalism in favor of nation states. However, regardless of how serious the challenge is, the US elite will continue to discuss overthrowing Trump.

 “We are an unserious nation engaged in trivial pursuits in a deadly serious world,” Buchanan concludes.

In 1978, China announced a policy of reforms and openness, which continues today. In the framework of the new political course, the PRC has accomplished political programs aimed at creating “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

Editorial comment

The West presented the disintegration of the USSR as a victory of the liberal democratic type of society. Socialism was believed to have demonstrated its lack of vitality. This formula found a conceptual form in Francis Fukuyama’s book The End of History.

However, a growing number of experts have recently admitted that China’s economic success demonstrates the vitality and advantages of a one-party political system and a planned economy with a market periphery over a pure market economy and a multi-party system.

The internal crisis in Western countries has only escalated in the recent years. Meanwhile, China’s success and DPRK’s sustainability are objective evidence disproving Fukuyama’s statements. The West too is beginning to recognize this mistake.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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