Syrian opposition militants in Deraa start to disarm

11.07.2018, Deraa.

The militants of the Syrian opposition handed over tanks, mortars, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank missiles to the Syrian army during the past day, Rossa Primavera news agency informs on July 11.

As of 06:30 (UTC) of July 11, the militants handed over 11 tanks, 5 infantry vehicles, 5 mortars, 5 heavy machine guns, 3 anti-aircraft guns, 14 US-manufactured anti-tank missiles and a large amount of other weapons. The disarmament takes place as a part of the agreement according to which the militants of the opposition can evacuate together with their family members from the Deraa encircled by the Syrian army to Idlib in return for handing over medium and heavy armaments.

Another agreement that has been reached concerns the return of Syrian refugees staying on the border with Jordan to their homes. At the moment, the number of people in the East Ghouta near Damascus exceeded 70 thousand people. Over a hundred people returned to their homes during the past day.

The agreement on the disarmament of the armed opposition representatives staying near the city of Deraa was reached on July 6.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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