School for young saboteurs opens in Ukraine to wage war against Russia

11.07.2018, Kiev.

A school for young saboteurs where the children will take courses in basic military training has been opened in Ukraine. Dmitry Yarosh, the former leader of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi organization Right Sector (organization banned in Russia), is the organizer of this school, Izvestia news website informs on July 11.

The children will be “taught” the basics of waging war against Russia. The teenagers will undergo explosives training and will be taught to use different kinds of firearms; they will learn how to provide first aid on the battlefield. The children will also be subjected to the ideological indoctrination.

The school founder Dmitry Yarosh stated, “The Ukrainian Volunteer Army (UDA) (punitive nationalist battalions — translator’s note) knows that the toughest hardships for our Nation and State are yet to come. Therefore, we, the Ukrainian volunteers, are not only carrying out combat missions on the frontline but also training our younger generation to defend Ukraine and destroy our archenemy, the aggressor empire, Russia.”

The selection of the UDA Young saboteur school students was started back in spring. The school will work until the end of August 2018, the 14- to 18-years-old teenagers will be trained there.

Azovets, a similar military camp for teenagers, was opened in the beginning of July in Kiev. The Azov battalion’s (organization banned in Russia) instructors and fighters discharged for health reasons are training and upbringing children there.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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