German politician: The US is on the way to chaos, Europeans need to find courage

06.04.2018, Berlin.

If the US terminates the Iranian nuclear deal, Europeans in case of a conflict will take the side of Russia, China, and Iran, Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee said, Oberhessische presse reports on April 5th.

The German politician believes that the United States risks to become “an element of global chaos” because of Trump’s domestic policy. But there is no other country right now, which instead of the US can become the guarantor of European security. That is why European countries have to work in deeper coordination and fix its military weaknesses.

In addition, Norbert Röttgen said that if Trump leaves the Iranian nuclear deal, Europe will not take the side of the United States for the first time in a while.

Iranian nuclear deal or The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action allowed Tehran to have peaceful nuclear programs. In exchange to lifting sanctions, Iran has to provide access to the IAEA inspectors to its nuclear facilities. Donald Trump repeatedly said that the Iranian nuclear deal does not correspond to the interests of the US, and threatened to leave it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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