Ukrainian expert attacks Polish ban of Bandera ideology

28.01.2018, Kiev.

The Poland-Ukraine relations will be worsened by the bill on banning Bandera ideology adopted by the Polish Sejm, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich said, 112 Ukraine TV channel reported on January 26.

«Criminal penalties for denying so-called “OUN and UPA (organizations banned in Russia – Rossa Primavera News Agency comment) crimes” – this is what could completely cease all the dialogue on difficult questions between Ukrainian and Polish historians», Vyatrovich said. He hopes for the proper Ukrainian politicians’ and historians’ response.

Vyatrovich didn’t deny a possibility that adoption of this bill could hit all Ukrainians residing in Poland.

The Sejm of Poland has adopted an amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance on January 26. The amendment defined the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian organizations who collaborated with the Third Reich. It also introduced a possibility of launching criminal probes against people denying those crimes. Modern supporters of Bandera ideology face up to three years in prison. 279 of 414 of the Sejm deputies voted in favor of the amendment.

Editorial comment

The further it goes, the harder it is for the supporters of coup d’etat held in Kiev in 2014 to deny the obvious.  Ideological descendants of Nazi and war criminals assumed power in Kiev. They don’t deny their connection to the Third Reich crimes anymore. Their primary goal, obviously, is just to divert the public attention away from the issue.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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