Global Times: Brain drain restrains India’s economic growth

24.01.2018, Beijing.

India will not become an economic giant and a prosperous country, as long as the outflow of high-level young talent to transnational corporations is taking place, the Global Times reports on January 23.

It states that in recent decades most of the Indian graduates specializing in business management and information technology have joined transnational corporations creating great value for other countries.

According to the author of the publication, to accelerate its economic growth, India needs its own high-quality top-tier international companies, it has to cultivate a more open environment for entrepreneurship. Some Indian media reports have claimed that India’s GDP growth rate will soon overtake that of China. These reports don’t specify how India will achieve it, but it would be impossible without ramping up efforts to attract back those young talents who have settled into high-level management positions working for firms in Silicon Valley in the US.

A Global Times reporter recalls the Chinese experience and its reforms, when a large number of people were involved in business development, benefiting the economy of their country and laying the foundation for the future economic breakthrough.

India is one of the world leaders in the number of higher education institutions, rivaling only the US and China. Today more than 4 thousand higher educational establishments with an international rating operate in India, according to statistics from website.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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