A present from Kirasa company!

30.10.2017, DPR.

A pleasant surprise was waiting for us in one of the parcels – in addition to the items mentioned in the accompanying list, we found cases for walkie-talkies (a very useful thing) in a box. As it turned out, this was a present from the employees of the Kirasa company in Perm which develops and produces advanced military equipment.

The thing is that attaching walkie-talkies to one or another belt on one’s clothes or tactical vests with a standard clip is not secure as this clip easily falls down and gets lost. Another problem is that such way  carrying walkie-talkies is dangerous for the equipment itself which is in no way protected from scratching, getting wet or dirty, etc.. It is also inconvenient to keep a radio in one’s pocket, and it is timewasting and thrice as inconvenient to take it out of the pocket and put it back.

The cases we got are comfortable for carrying, they protect the equipment from scratching and other unpleasant things, they can be securely fixed on a belt using two snap fasteners and just as well securely keep a radio inside, fastened with a wide hook and loop fastener combined with a snap. It does not take much time to take a radio out of such case and put it back.

We wholeheartedly thank the Kirasa employees for this useful and needful present.

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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