July 31 Essence of Time in Donbass situation report (with map)

During the day, the Ukrainian army had been provoking trench combat on all main directions of the front. The situation is tense near Gorlovka – in the area of Golmovsky, Zaytsevo, Panteleymonovka, Krasny Partizan. The situation is also tense on the Donetsk segment of the front line – in Avdeevka industrial zone.

31.07.2017, DPR.

There is no information on the victims among the civilians and destructions.

On July 30, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 62 times. 23 towns and villages of the Donetsk People’s Republic came under Ukrainian army’s fire. In particular, the village of Kominternovo in the south of the Republic came under Ukrainian artillery’s fire. Several houses were damaged in this village.

Source: Essence of Time in Donbass

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