Poroshenko: Defeat at Debaltsevo is a brilliant operation of the Ukrainian army

19.02.2016, Ukraine.

Debaltsevo operation” will be forever written in history textbooks, the military conducted this operation brilliantly, according to the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko. He said this during the presentation of the documentary “Debaltsevo operation” on February 17th, Ukrainian media reports.

President of Ukraine thanked the creators of “documentary” film and mentioned that the best units of the Russian special purpose troops (Russian: spetsnaz) stormed Debaltsevo city. He also added that a year has passed since the events in Debaltsevo, however, “the morale of the Ukrainian soldier is the same, ‘Debaltsevsky!’.

The so-called “Debaltsevo operation” has a more common name: “Debaltsevo pocket”. According to those who took part in the civil conflict, it is the very definition that most accurately represents the events that took place at that time. From the standpoint of military practice on the definition of “pocket“, the Ukrainian army ended up logically: disorganized disengagement due to encirclement, hundreds and thousands of dead, mass surrender, sometimes of whole battalions (like the 40th battalion “Krivbas”).


Source: Vognebroda.net


Video reports from Debaltsevo days after liberation:

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