Ukraine releases half of criminals from prisons

12.02.2016, Ukraine.

70 thousand prisoners, out of a total of 140 thousand, were released from prisons in Ukraine, the First Deputy Justice Minister of Ukraine Natalia Sevostyanova claimed on February 10.

The number of prisoners decreased by half and continues to fall after the new Criminal Procedure Code and the so-called “Savchenko law” were adopted, Sevostyanova explained.

On November 26, 2015 Ukrainian Parliament had adopted a law, according to which one day the prisoner spent in custody equals to two days in prison. Nadezhda Savchenko* was the co-author of this law.

Thanks to the “Savchenko law”, the corrupt judge Igor Zvarych was released from prison in January 2016, even though he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2011. Soon after the decision to release him was made, hundreds of prisoners, including murderers, rapists and robbers, appealed to the court for early release.

*Savchenko is the woman who, according to the Russian Investigative Committee, participated in the murder of two Russian journalists on June 17, 2014, by handing their coordinates to “Aydar” battalion where she served. The journalists were killed by mortar shelling. Currently Savchenko remains in detention in Russia.

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