Presuppositions for the third “maidan” in the ranks of the Ukrainian army

07.02.2016, Ukraine.

The dissatisfaction with the President of Ukraine Poroshenko is growing in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, according to the opinion of Financial Times journalists expressed in the issue dated February 5th.

The journalists drew such a conclusion after talking to Ukrainian army soldiers in Donbass.

The soldiers displayed dissatisfaction with the supply, the Ukrainian authorities’ attitude towards them, some of the soldiers expressed readiness to overthrow the Kiev junta’s government by force.

Exhausted army, the economic crisis, and the deterioration in the living standards of ordinary Ukrainians – all of these contribute to the overthrow of the current government,” one of the journalists wrote.

In addition to the soldiers of the regular army, the militants of punitive nationalist battalions also have serious claims to the Ukrainian government.

One of the most common topics of Ukrainian and world media is the theme of the third “maidan” against Poroshenko.

During the first year after “maidan” (“banana revolution” in Ukraine in 2013), gross domestic product of Ukraine decreased by 12%, inflation increased from 0.5% up to 25%, prices rose by 70%, and real incomes of Ukrainians fell by almost half. Foreign exchange reserves fell from $ 20 billion to $ 7 billion.

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