The Sacred War (1941)

The Second World War started in 1939 in Europe but the Russian Great Patriotic War began with another date – June 22, 1941. Although it started later for us, the Soviet Union, without a doubt bore the brunt of it: in total in those 5 years we lost more than 26 MILLION people (around 2/3 of them were civilians). For people of our country the Nazi army was the infernal evil. They got up to fight it and they won. We post this song in remembrance of their valour and their ultimate sacrifice.

The text of the song was published only 2 days after the perfidious night attack of the Nazi army, By 29 June the song itself had been recorded.

75 years have passed but this song is still relevant for those whose ancestors fought the Nazis then and for those who have to oppose their followers even now. We know how that famous broadcast that you see in the beginning of the video ended. “Our cause is just. The enemy will be crushed. The victory will be ours.” Yes, it will be.

Lyrics — Vasilij Lebedev-Kumach
Music — Aleksandr Aleksandrov
Translation — Aleksandr Artjomov

Get up, the giant country,
Get up for mortal fight
With German horde uncounted,
With forces of the night.
Vstavaj, strana ogromnaja,
Vstavaj na smertnyj boj
S fashistskoj siloj tjomnoju,
S prokljatoju ordoj.

Let noble anger of the soul
Get boiled as a wave.
The people’s war, the holy war.
We’ll fight until the grave.

Pust’ jarost’ blagorodnaja
Vskipaet, kak volna, —
Idjot vojna narodnaja,
Svjashchennaja vojna!
×2 ×2
Let’s give repulse to oppressors
Of all the ardent thoughts.
To rapers and to murderers
Let’s say the swear words.
Dadim otpor dushiteljam
Vsekh plamennykh idej,
Nasil’nikam, grabiteljam,
Muchiteljam ljudej!
Chorus Pripev
We will not let the darkened wings
Fly over Motherland.
The native country spacious fields
Are not for fiend’s extent.
Ne smejut kryl’ja chjornye
Nad Rodinoj letat’,
Polja ejo prostornye
Ne smeet vrag toptat’!
Chorus Pripev
For rotten fascist pack we’ve got
A bullet and a bomb.
The spawn of the planet Earth
Must get into the tomb.
Gniloj fashistskoj nechisti
Zagonim pulju v lob,
Otrod’ju chelovechestva
Skolotim krepkij grob!
Chorus ×2 Pripev ×2

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