People’s Liberation Army: China could impose a blockade on Taiwan with UAVs alone

05.07.2024, Hong Kong.

The Chinese military may establish and maintain a blockade of Taiwan solely through the use of drones, according to a study by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Hong Kong edition of the South China Morning Post wrote on July 5.

After the US said it plans to use swarm drones in the Taiwan Strait to counter any PLA attempts to land in Taiwan, the Chinese academic journal Command published an article about the project, which is led by Chen Huijie, an engineer with the PLA’s I 92116 unit.

It is about modeling a PLA blockade of a certain unnamed “narrowly shaped” island. In the scenario, the island was fortified with a large number of anti-aircraft missile launchers, and enemy warships and submarines were present in the waters surrounding the island.

“Given the presence of widely dispersed, highly concealed and time-sensitive mobile threats on the island and its adjacent waters, employing traditional manned forces for reconnaissance and assaults poses a challenge of low cost-effectiveness,” the PLA researchers wrote.

“On the contrary, unmanned equipment offers advantages including expendability, low cost and minimal casualties,” it said. The integration of unmanned groups into classical warfare is expected to speed up reconnaissance, identification, acceptance and attack, hence improving overall combat effectiveness.

The PLA used four types of drones in the simulation. Large and medium-sized drones, with good endurance and reconnaissance and strike capabilities, were launched from military bases in mainland China. Their duty was to “operate in all weathers, achieving prompt detection, identification and strikes against mobile threats.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency