El Periódico: Sanchez does not heed Zelensky’s requests to hand over Patriot SAMs

03.07.2024, Madrid.

Repeated requests of Zelensky to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to transfer to Ukraine the Spanish battery of Patriot air defense systems located in Turkey remained fruitless, El Periódico wrote on July 3.

It is specified that Sanchez justified the refusal to Kiev by the country’s obligations to NATO.

The last time the issue of transferring the complex was raised during a telephone conversation between Zelensky and Sanchez at the end of May this year. Later, in a conversation with the head of Turkey, Sanchez again confirmed this decision.

Earlier, it was reported that Spain led the NATO battle group in Slovak Lešte. The basis of the Spanish contingent is represented by the Galicia Brigade, which includes 250 combat vehicles Centauro, VAMTAC and VEMPAR.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency