Germans call for returning unemployed Ukrainians to Ukraine

22.06.2024, Berlin.

Ukrainian refugees in Germany should either get a job or return to Ukraine, said Alexander Dobrindt, chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU) land group in the Bundestag, the Bild newspaper reported on June 22.

It is noted that in 2022, the German government ensured that all refugees from Ukraine were paid benefits without prior asylum procedures. Dobrindt claims that the allowance paid to Ukrainians hinders their employment. He says many Ukrainian refugees are not looking for work and are content to live at the state’s expense.

Now, more than two years after the start of the war, the principle should be applied: go out to work in Germany or return to the safe areas of western Ukraine,” Dobrindt said.

Refugees from Ukraine now receive a civilian allowance, ranging from €506 to €563 per person. The amount of allowance for teenagers aged 15 to 18 is €471. It is specified that more than a million Ukrainians live in Germany today.

Dobrindt calls for stricter obligations for citizens seeking asylum. In his opinion, it is necessary to cooperate with those who want to get a job, and a job offer should be part of integration services.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency